CZJCH, ATJCH, CZCH, ATCH Curly Z Kotarskych Luk

„U“ versatile working dog
Born: 27.5.2008
Registration number: CLP/NSR/447/2011, stud dog
Color: red and  white
Height:  51 cm
Weight:  23 Kg
HD: A/A (Excellent)
ED: 0/0 (Excellent)
Eyes : clear 27.03.2012
Father: ARCO Sexy Rexy
Mother: DISMAY Toller Bryvilsár


Hunting tests
06.06.2010   OVVR prize, 204 points
17.10.2010   ZV prize, 154 points
30.10.2010   PZ prize, 180 points
04.08.2012  ZVP prize, 132 points
15.-16.092012 VZ prize, 338 points


Curly on duck hunt, 5 y. old boy.
Curly and another hunt 2 days test.
Curly my clever working boy, 4 y. old.
Curly in champion class, 4 y. old boy.
Curly water hunt test , 4. y. old boy.
Curly WT training , 4 y. old boy.
Curly hunt test in forest , summer 2012.
Curly Club Champion, spring 2011.
Curly 2. y. old boy.