Happy Birthday our „Absolut First Litter“ (Redborn First Edition x Erikachen Roisin)!
IDA, IZOLDA, SOFIE, RASMUS, TRISTAN Jr. and CHRISTIAN today you are 4 y. old!
Thank you so much to their owners for love and care to these beautiful dogs!
Thank you  Anina Steentofte, mom of stud dog Tristan, for all!
I am very lucky breeder! All dogs have very good health and very good health tests.
4 dogs from 6 are very active and successful working dogs.
We have a lot of healthy grandchildren from this litter.
So, we wish you a lot of health in the years to come, our „Absolut First PUPS“ …

Redborn First Edition x Erikachen Roisin = proud parents of „Absolut First Litter“.


Our boy „Catch First Arik Garonera“ (Erikachen Roisin x Redborn Ultimate Tribute) is now 9 months old. He is young man now and he can do obedience and working test training :-)  We love him so much for his excellent character, speed, cleverness and cunning :-) .



Lovely news from Holland! Our son from first litter Absolutely Tristan Garonera 2.nd place , class C (beginners) in WT and the Best Toller of WT!  So nice ending of this working y. 2017! Big congrats to Ger, Belinda and Tristan Jun. 



Let us introduce you the new planned mating winter 2017/18 in the kennel GARONERA.
Izolda will have her first litter and we hope that all will be OK!
We chose that stud dog personally in Sweden.
Riverbreeze Dream Team Kiowa „Izac“ is a beautiful dog with excellent work results and very nice nature.
He gorgeously complements Izolda.
We are looking forward and hopefully everything will go well :-)


Our son from „Absolut First“ Litter – Tristan Jr. is living in Holland.
We have every months better and better news from his owners
Ger and Belinda about his great work at TJP. Now they were on his first hunt. And he made really great work. Well done our clever
son Tristan Jr!!


2 Days full of show for our daughter HETTI from „Catch First“ Litter and her owner Jannicke. They are living in Norway!
She was excellent with very nice critics. First day 2.nd and 2.nd day 3.rd in her class.
Well done our lovely princess Hetti :-)


Bruichladdich Garonera „BERE“ , our son from „Be First“ Litter was for the first time in UK in show ring!
And he was winning reserve Best dog!! We are so proud!
Congrats Victoria and Matt and Bere one more time to excellent results!!


WDS in Germany with our son Absolut First Rasmus Garonera
German Winner Show Leipzig (DE) 8.11.17
Absolut First Rasmus Garonera
Champion class: Exc
judge Mrs. Ch. Lohmann
World dog show Leipzig (DE) 9.11.2017
Absolut First Rasmus Garonera
Champion class: Exc
judge Mrs. Ylä Manonon Satu

Thank you very much Iris Jorda and Martina Wenk-Grosmann for  excellent presentation of Rasmi and congrats one more time!


Double CACIB Prague 4.-5.11.2017:
Saturday: judge Sorbye Torunn (N)
Catch First Arik Garonera: very promising 1
BeFirst Glenmorangie Garonera: VG 1
Absolut First Izolda Garonera: exc.1, CAC, CACIB, BOB
Sunday: judge Lahokoshi Viveca (FIN)
Catch First Arik Garonera: very promising 1
BeFirst Glenmorangie Garonera: VG 1
Absolut First Izolda Garonera: exc.1, CAC, CACIB, BOS

From left side: Arik, Izolda and Glenmorangie


3 days full of show in Hungary with our son from our  „Absolut First“ litter: Absolut First Rasmus Garonera
2 x BOB, 1 x BOS, Qual. for Cruft´s and new Hungarian Show Champion!!
Big congrats to Rasmi and Iris Jorda (owner) and Martina Wenk-Grosmann (his handler) :-)


11.10.2017 Catch First Svea Garonera „Daisy“ (left side) and Catch First Ylva Garonera „Florence“ (right side).
Beautiful sisters of our Arik living in UK and they make their first steps on shows…and excellent!
We are so proud!


Beautiful Days Full of Shows in Austria!
Friday 29.09.17 Club Show in Grafenegg (Mr. H. Fryckstrand,SE):
Catch First Arik Garonera: first great and lovely results in baby class from Mr. Fryckstrand
BeFirst Glenmorangie Garonera: VG
Absolut First Izolda Garonera: CACA, KS and BOS
Saturday 30.09.17 Cruft´s Qual. in Tulln (Mr. F. Whyte, UK):
BeFirst Glenmorangie Garonera: res. CACA
Sunday 01.10.17 Bundessieger Tulln (Mrs. C. Berchtold, A):
BeFirst Glenmorangie Garonera: CACA, Res. CACIB
Absolut First Izolda Garonera: CACA, CACIB, BOS

BeFirst Glenmorangie Garonera
Absolut First Izolda Garonera
Catch First Arik Garonera


Absolut First Izolda Garonera



WT Blevice 2017 ČR, final and last one test this y.
Absolut First Izolda Garonera, Novice class, place and points: 18,14,15, 6…not nice but our team completed it. YES!


RIP Baddy z Kotarskych LUK
My dear BADDY, you were my „FIRST“ toller!
It all started with you!
With you I’ve learned everything!
I will never forget you.


Absolut First Izolda Garonera, CACT
09.09.2017 Club´s Field Hunting Test 2.nd prize
10.09.2017 Club´s Water Hunting Test prize and CACT