Planned litter spring 2021

2.nd litter of our sweet bitch Glenmorangie (BeFirst Glenmorangie Garonera) and handsome and so clever stud dog Vilda (Vildandens Oscar af Molteli).

Vilda is import from Sweden and I like so much his so kind nature, great temperament and excellent work with dummy and game. In his line are very nice working abilities. That’s why I chose him for our dear Glenny. This pair has a balanced nature. We are really looking forward to these puppies. We are expecting them after Easter 2021.


Feel First

6/ Litter „Feel First“

Absolut First Izolda Garonera x Lonnlovets Lotus „Diesel“, 28.11.2020 4 girls and 4 boys:

Feel First Bamse Garonera
Feel First Ludde Garonera
Feel First Valdar Garonera
Feel First Vilgot Garonera
Feel First Olivia Garonera
Feel First Tindra Garonera
Feel First Viola Garonera
Feel First Wilma Garonera



Easy First

5/ Litter „Easy First“

BeFirst Glenmorangie Garonera x West Coast Tollers Daim „Mischa“, 12.11.2019 5 girls and 4 boys:

Easy First Abhaja Garonera
Easy First Agni Garonera
Easy First Ákáša Garonera
Easy First Sátja Garonera
Easy First Tara Garonera
Easy First Ahimsa Garonera
Easy First Átman Garonera
Easy First Súrja Garonera
Easy First Váju Garonera


Dream First

4/ Litter „Dream First“

Absolut First Izolda Garonera x Riverbreeze Dream Team Kiowa „Izac“ , 02.07.2018 3 girls and 3 boys:

Dream First Astrid Garonera
Dream First Saga Garonera
Dream First Tyra Garonera
Dream First Tor Garonera
Dream First Loke Garonera
Dream First Birk Garonera


Catch First

3/  Litter „CATCH FIRST“
Erikachen Roisin x Redborn Ultimate Tribute, 10.04.2017
5 girls and 1 boy
Catch First Inga Garonera
Catch First Malu Garonera
Catch First Ylva Garonera
Catch First Hetti Garonera
Catch First Svea Garonera
Catch First Arik Garonera


Be First

2/  Litter „BE FIRST“
Erikachen Roisin x Danehaven McEachern, 19.08.2015
5 girls and 3 boys
Be First Tamdhu Garonera
Be First Cardhu Garonera
Be First Balvenie Garonera
Be First Laphroaig Garonera
BeFirst Glenmorangie Garonera
Be First Arran Garonera
Be First Macallan Garonera
Be First Bruichladdich Garonera


Absolut First

1/  Litter „ABSOLUT FIRST“
Erikachen Roisin x Redborn First Edition, 20.01.2014
3 girls and 3 boys
Absolut First Izolda Garonera
Absolut First Ida Garonera
Absolut First Sofia Garonera
Absolutely Christian Garonera
Absolut First Rasmus Garonera
Absolutely Tristan Garonera