C.I.B. C.I.E. CZGCH CZCH SKCH ATCH Absolut First Izolda Garonera


2 x CACT, TJP Sweden 2.nd prize in the beginner class, TJP Denmark 2.nd prize in the beginner class, WT class M
CRUFT´S 2017 1.st prize in Working class, CRUFT´S 2019 2.nd prize in Working class and 3.rd prize in Open class!
Best Work and Show toller in the ANKA CUP 2015, 2016, 2017, Club Winner CZ 2015, 2017,2018, Club Winner AT 2017,2018,2019

Born: 20.01.2014
Registration number: FCI CLP/NSR/803, brood bitch
Color: red and  white
Height:  48 cm
Weight:  20 Kg
HD: A/A (Excellent)
ED: 0/0 (Excellent)
PRA/ clear by parents
CEA/ clear by parents
Eyes : clear 13.10.2017
Dentition: full dentition
Cleft Palate status: clear
Cleft Lip/Palate and Syndactyly status: clear
Juvenile Addison’s Disease status: clear
DM status: carrier
Degenerative Encephalopathy status: clear
Lokus D: D/d
Orthopedic Chondrodystrophy (CDDY) status: UC Davis N/N
Father: C.I.E, C.I.B, DKCH, SEUCH, NUCH, DECH, CZCH, PLCH Redborn First Edition
Mother: CZGCH, C.I.B, C.I.E, CZCH, ATCH, DECH Erikachen Roisin


Hunting tests
15.07.2015     OVVR  passed, 224 points, 1.st place
27.08.2016     KZVP  1.st prize, 170 points, CACT
09.09.2017     KPZ     2.nd prize, 222 points
10.09.2017     KZVP  1.st prize, 165 points, CACT, CCT
20.-21.07.19  KPZR   2.nd prize, 379 points
06.10.2019     KSZR   2.nd prize, 351 points


05.08.2016  beginners class, 2.nd prize, Forsvik, Sweden
26.03.2017  beginners class, 1.st prize, Velke Mezirici, Czech Rep. (unofficial test)
24.06.2017  beginners class, 2.nd prize, Gammelrand, Denmark
26.05.2019  open class, 3.rd prize, Borotín, Czech Rep. (unofficial test)


26.09.2015  beginners class, good, 60/80 points, 8.th place
08.11.2015  beginners class, excellent, 75/80 points, 4.th place and choice of judges!
19.03.2016  beginners class, very good, 141/160 points, 9.th place
09.04.2016  beginners class, passed, 54/80 points, 9.th place /Austria/
17.04.2016  beginners class, good, 64/80 points, 5.th place
22.04.2017  open class, passed, 69/100 points, 6.th place
04.06.2017  open class, excellent, 72/80 points, 10.th place /Austria/
23.09.2017  open class, passed, 53/80 points, 5.th place
17.03.2019  class M, very good, 70/80 points, 4.-5. place

Izolda 5 y. old and her hunting test.

Izolda 5 y. old, TJP CR.
My princess Izolda, 5 y. old.
CRUFT´S 2019, Izolda 5 y. old.
We are very good hunting team, Izy 5 y. old.
Izolda 4 y. old working girl.
Excellent mom Izolda, 4 y.old.
Izolda 3 y. and 10 months old working girl.
Izolda 3,4 y.o. girl. 
Izolda on her TJP training -3,2 y.o.
Izy on her TJP training – 3,2 y. old girl.
Izy on her WT training – 2,4 y. old girl.
Izy on her WT training – 25 months o. girl.
Izy 2 y. old girl.
Izy on her first WT – 22 m.o. girl.
Izolda 1,5 y.old girl.
Izolda 15 months old girl.
Izolda 14 m. old.
Izolda 13 months old girl.
Izolda 8 months o. girl.
Izolda 4 months o. girl.
Izolda 9 weeks y.
Izolda 8 weeks y.
Izolda 7 weeks y.
Izolda 3 weeks y.
Izolda 3 days y. baby