CZGCH, C.I.B, C.I.E, CZCH, ATCH, DECH Erikachen Roisin


2 x CACT, KZPR 3.rd prize, TJP
Sweden 2.nd and 3.rd prize in the beginner class,WT class Novice
Best Work and Show toller in the ANKA CUP 2013, 2014, Club Winner 2012, 2013, 2014
Bitch used in hunting practice.


Born: 05.09.2011
Registration number: FCI CLP/NSR/673/2013, brood bitch
Color: red and  white
Height:  46 cm
Weight:  20 Kg
HD: A/A (Excellent)
ED: 0/0 (Excellent)
PRA/ clear by parents
CEA/ clear by parents
Eyes : clear 25.11.2016
Dentition: full dentition
Cleft Palate status: clear
Cleft Lip/Palate and Syndactyly status: clear
Juvenile Addison’s Disease status: clear
DM status: carrier
Degenerative Encephalopathy status: clear
Lokus D: D/d
Father: C.I.E, NLCH, NLJCH Alliance de La Vie Bluff´s Poker
Mother: Camusmor Any Dream Uldo for Erikachen


Hunting tests
25.08.2012     OVVR 2.nd prize, 206 points
28.07.2013     KZVP prize, 130 points
10.08.2013     LZ  3.rd prize, 190 points
25.08.2013     KZVP  2.nd prize, 128 points
18.05.2014     PZ prize, 173 points
07.06.2014     KLZ prize, 232 points, CACT and winner!
17.07.2016     KZVP prize, 166 points, CACT
21.-22.08.2016  KZPR  3.rd prize, 350 points


05.08.2016  beginners class, 3.rd prize, Forsvik, Sweden
05.08.2017  beginners class, 2.nd prize, Björkeberg, Sweden

01.09.2012  beginners class, very good, 76/100 points, 2.nd place
23.03.2013  beginners class, very good, 64/80 points, place
23.03.2013  open class, passed, 50/80 points, place


Roisin 8 y. old, excellent working girl
Roisin 8 y. old with her grandchildren Loke and Astrid
Our grandma Roisin , 7 y. old
Roisin 7 y. old
Roisin 4 y. and 8 months old.
Roisin 3 y. and 7 months old girl.
Roisin 3 y. old.
Roisin 2 y. and 9 months old, super working girl.
Roisin is Club Winner 2014 and Dual Purpose 2013.
Roisin 2 y. 6 months , after her first litter.
Roisin 2 y. old girl on Club Show.
Roisin 2 y. old working girl.
Roisin , our princess 18 months y.
Roisin 1 y. 6 months on Cruft´s 2013.
Roisin 17 months y. working girl.
Roisin 1 y. old girl.
Roisin 9 months y. girl.
Roisin 8 months y. working girl.
Roisin 5 months y. girl on her first show.
Roisin 4 months y.
Roisin 3 months y.
Roisin 7 weeks y. puppy.
Small girl Roisin, 5 weeks y.