CZJCH, CZCH, ATCH, C.I.E Baddy z Kotarskych Luk

Born: 11.07.2006-15.09.2017
Registration number: CLP/NSR/362/09, stud dog
Color: red and  white
Height:  50 cm
Weight:  23 Kg
HD: A/A (Excellent)
ED: 0/0 (Excellent)
Eyes : clear 27.03.2012
Father: ARCO Sexy Rexy
Mother: DISMAY Toller Bryvilsár
Puppies: 2012 Arwen z Dejzyna dvora x Baddy z Kotarskych luk
              2013 Arwen z Dejzyna dvora x Baddy z Kotarskych luk
Owner: GARONERA Kennel


Hunting tests
11.10.2008   OVVR passed
16.05.2009   ZV     3.rd prize, 123 points
06.09.2009   ZVP prize, 121 points, winner
17.10.2009   PZ prize, 183 points
12.06.2010   LZ   2.nd prize, 204 points
10.07.2010   KZVP  3.rd prize, 95 points
11.07.2010   KPZ  3.rd prize, 159 points
03.10.2010   BZ prize, 108 points


Baddy and Curly, 2 excellent working brothers.
Baddy water hunt test.
Baddy hunt test in forest .
Baddy on his hunt training.
Baddy my Mr. DOG.
Baddy loved water.
Baddy BOB, Int. Show in Czech Rep.
Baddy and his hunt training.
Baddy , young boy.